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Corporate Programs


We can help a company develop a corporate ergonomics program with health, safety, and performance initiatives. 
We can do this by:

  • Providing training to management and staff to become aware of ergonomics, learn to identify risks and control the risks
  • Helping to develop procedures, policies and standards
  • Measuring the outcomes of the program

We closely work with the client to determine needs and monitor the progress of the program.


Training can enable a company to be proactive in its approach to dealing with issues in the workplace.  We can customize any session to fit the client’s needs. To help prevent injuries or absences due to discomfort from occurring, some basic ergonomic principles can be applied and practiced in the workplace.   Training sessions can be customized to help participants relate to their specific work environment.

Training Packages:

Industrial Ergonomics Awareness Session:

A one to two-hour presentation reviewing the signs & symptoms of injury as well as basic ergonomic principles and how they apply to their job.

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Industrial Ergonomic Workshop:

Allows participants to understand the signs & symptoms of injury to comprehend basic ergonomic principles and learn to identify risk factors as they apply to their environment.  A hands-on approach is normally included in the session.

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Office Ergonomic Presentation:

A one to two-hour presentation on basic ergonomic principles that help staff become aware of the risks in the office. Possible simple solutions are discussed.

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Office Ergonomic Workshop:

Provides a more in-depth information session than the presentation and allows participants a hands-on approach to assessing and resolving simple ergonomic issues.

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Training for Facility Planners and Engineers:

Our training session concentrates on helping the technical staff of the organization consider critical ergonomic factors to ensure that the end product is a good fit and usable by workers. Crucial requirements are reviewed to ensure that smart choices in purchasing or designing furniture, tools, or equipment for the organization are made.

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Linda Meerveld is an expert on the prevention and management of injury, performance efficiency, and wellness in the workplace, operating out of Hamilton Ontario in Canada. Ergo-Dimensions serves Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe Region of Ontario in all aspects of ergonomic health and safety. Please contact Linda directly at 905-741-8885 for more information.
















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